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What is Polyethylene (PE) pipe?

Polyethylene (PE) materials were initially introduced in the UK in 1933 and have progressively been used in the pipeline industry since the late 1930s.

The physical properties of the PE materials have been continually upgraded with improvements in crack propagation resistance, increased hydrostatic pressure resistance, ductility and elevated temperature resistance resulting from developments in the methods of polymerisation. These developments have resulted in increased applications of PE in the pipeline industry in such areas as gas reticulation, water supply, mining slurries, irrigation, sewer and general industrial applications.

The well recognised attributes of high impact resistance, ease of installation, flexibility, smooth hydraulic flow characteristics, high abrasion resistance, and excellent chemical reagent resistance have resulted in PE pipeline systems being routinely specified and used in a wide range of applications in pipe sizes up to 1600 mm diameter.


We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of PE product systems to suit a range of applications and needs. Our PE products come in a range of grades suitable for different applications. We assure with the best quality HDPE Pipes & Fittings made by the latest modern machinery and production techniques with a guarantee durability up to 50 years

Brand K&K PIPE is the plumbing pipes of K & K PIPE (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD, the No. 1 of plumbing pipes made from materials imported from abroad, International quality and exceptional packaging as International standards, which are the best choice for customers. K & K PIPE (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD sells all types of plumbing pipes brand K&K PIPE, as well as all types and all size of plug link pipes to provide convenience and rigidity to the installation and operation of plumbing pipes. The resin of K & K PIPE (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD’s plumbing pipes are like wax which makes the pipes strong, firm and durable in any condition and pressure. The products of K&K plumbing pipes of K & K PIPE (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD are consists of 2 types: PE pipes and PVC pipes. K&K PIPE, a high-quality and popular pipe in worldwide

PE PIPE (Polyethylene Pipe)

PE pipes are full size of water supply pipe and for all kinds of sand dredging, from small cross sections to large ones, made from black plastic and strong for use in high-rise buildings, in large plantations and used by the Water Minister for running a long distance water system and large-scale.

PE pipes are used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Water supply
  • Sewerage
  • Drainage
  • Infrastructure Applications
  • Irrigation
  • Conduits for Electrical and Telecommunications


LightweightK & K PIPE (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD’s PE pipes are lightweight, easy to install and run, and also easy to transport and store

Does not harm the environment and consumers’ health

Does not harm the environment and consumers’ healthBecause the company cares about the environment and consumers, so the raw materials that the company uses to produce PE pipes are the number one quality rubber pellets that do not contain toxic substances that cause no harm to the environment or the health of consumers.


K & K PIPE (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD’s PE pipes are made with the latest technology and in accordance with the rules of production, high quality, durable, resistant to sun and UV rays

Resistant to a high water pressure and compressive strength

PE pipes are made of high quality rubber, making the pipes tough and durable, resistant to all high levels of water pressure and good external compressive strength.

Does not rust

The resin of the PE pipes are smooth, the meat is fine, does not hold rust and does not rust

International standards

The PE pipes of K & K PIPE (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD are manufactured to international standards and is recognized by ISO9001, ISO 4427-2: 2007 (Pipe), ISO 4427-3: 2007 (Fitting) and the size of the PE pipes are also recognized by ISO 4427

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